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What’s wrong with YouTube?

On one hand, YouTube has been the world’s largest video streaming site.Its subscriber base has nearly tripled in the last five years.Its $8 billion annual budget is also a big contributor to its profits.But the video-sharing platform has been criticized by rights holders for its practices, including its use of

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Zoom video is now available on YouTube, thanks to a new app

The Android version of Zoom video, originally available on iOS, has been made available to download through the Google Play store.The app has since been removed, but the new version is now listed on Google Play as an ‘official’ app.This is a first for Zoom, which is a video player

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How to turn ‘fake news’ into ‘news’ for your business

What happens when you’re able to create content that people believe is not true?How do you tell that a story isn’t true when it’s so obviously false?That’s what we’ll tackle today as we take a look at the process of “fake news” in today’s fast-paced, fast-moving world of the internet.Here

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What do you do if you are a new customer and your provider is not able to answer your questions?

The video chat service Bing video has started asking users for permission to contact them, which some may find to be intrusive and offensive.The company announced on Thursday that it will start using this process for users who contact their provider to talk to them about video chat.Users will also

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‘There is a war going on’: Activists condemn new Saudi law

Activists have condemned the Saudi-led military crackdown on social media outlets and websites that criticise the ruling family.Saudi Arabia’s Justice and Development Ministry said on Friday that it had revoked the licences of dozens of social media websites that it said were “propaganda” or “propagandist” sites, which were considered “incompatible

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Mia Khalifa: ‘I’m not a feminist, I’m not anti-woman, I don’t support misogyny’

Mia Khalife is the queen of social media.The rapper/actor/model/celebrity is the star of a slew of critically acclaimed, award-winning, and critically acclaimed films and TV shows.She is the recipient of numerous awards and nominations, including best actress, best director, best actress for her role in American Hustle, best actor for

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How to watch sex videos online in India

The number of free porn sites in India has soared in recent months, with sites like Tube4Free and VividTV seeing a sharp rise in traffic, according to data from e-commerce firm ApplesData.The sites are mainly used for sharing sexually explicit content, but they are also used for distributing videos, including

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Why did you choose to go to comedy school?

The answer to that question is the same for everyone.You don’t choose to become a comedian.It’s a lifelong commitment.You get to decide when you go to school and who you want to be.That choice can be personal, or it can be a part of your career.When I first started school,

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How to masturbate with your bare breasts

A man masturbates on a beach while wearing a bikini article A couple from the United States have been celebrating their anniversary together in Florida and have been sharing intimate photos of their sex lives on social media.The photos show the couple, who have been together for four years, sharing

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