How to make a gay massage

YouTube video on how to make an gay massage with a condom.

A video posted by an LGBT activist has gone viral on the internet and has sparked a heated debate about how safe the practice of gay massage can be.

Gay massage is a traditional practice for many men, including gay men.

But it can be a risky activity, particularly when there are no medical standards and there is no guidance from health authorities.

The video, titled “How to Make a Gay Massage with a Condom” was made by a British gay man called Ryan.

It has gone on to gain more than 10 million views on YouTube and has attracted thousands of comments.

Ryan claims he was a gay man for the first 20 years of his life.

“I was always gay.

It’s not that I was ashamed.

I’m not ashamed of being gay,” he said in the video.”

There are things I do.

It is just that I am not ashamed.

My friends are, and they’ve been for many years, gay.

So there’s no need for me to hide it.

It wasn’t a choice to be gay.”

In his video, Ryan explains how he became gay.

He says he was born with a congenital defect that meant his penis had a foreskin, or part of it, missing from the shaft.

“My penis was very sensitive.

I was a little bit insecure about my penis, because it’s not like other men.

There are men that can have penises that are very sensitive, very sensitive,” he says.”

It’s something I have a lot of difficulty dealing with.

But I never had any kind of problem with my genitals.

I had very good sex with a lot, a lot.

It just wasn’t an issue for me.”

When Ryan was 10, he became sexually active.

He says his parents noticed something different.

“As soon as they noticed I was gay, they went to the doctor, and the doctor told them that there were very rare conditions that caused the foreskin to be missing, and that they had to amputate it,” he explained.

“They told me, ‘Ryan, if you are going to get circumcised, you have to be circumcised, or you will not be able to have a normal penis.'”

They also told me that they were going to make me circumcised, so I got circumcised at age 13.

And they didn’t tell me that I had a congenitally defective penis, which means that it’s very sensitive and that you can’t use it with a lubricant.

So they told me I had to get a penis transplant.

“Ryan, who has since moved to Australia, says he felt like a “disgrace to the world”.”

I don’t think it’s fair that we should be judged by our appearance,” he told ABC Radio in Australia.”

What they did to me was disgusting.

I’ve never experienced anything like that in my entire life.

“Ryan says he has experienced rejection from his family and from his peers.”

People I grew up with, my friends, I grew to be very close with.

I know what it’s like to be bullied because you’re gay.

I just want to make them feel comfortable,” he added.

Ryan has not given up on the gay community.

He wants to make sure that all gay men are educated on the importance of their sexual health and safety.”

We need to teach people about the dangers of gay sex, about the risks of circumcision and how to safely use a condom, because the people who are in the business of selling sex are really the ones who are at the risk,” he concluded.ABC News’ Laura Kelly contributed to this report

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