How to fix your iPhone 7 battery issue

A friend of mine recently got his iPhone 7 after he purchased it in store and he wanted to see if it would last.

He decided to try it on the battery and after about two weeks of using it, he realized the battery was starting to die.

He had no idea how bad it was until a few days later when he was in a meeting and his phone started to die and he was trying to call the office.

He called Apple Support and they had to contact Apple for a warranty repair.

They recommended he go to Best Buy and they could take him out for a replacement battery.

The iPhone 7 is not a perfect device and you will have to do some extra work to make it last longer, but if you are willing to spend some time on it and get your phone serviced and tested, you will be able to avoid this battery issue.

The battery will probably last at least five years and Apple recommends it for a “high” charge.

It is worth noting that if your phone has a dead battery and you want to use it with Apple Pay, it will need to be replaced with a new battery.

If you have a non-Apple device that has a battery, you may have to take it apart to replace it.

To make things easier, here are a few things you can do to keep your iPhone from dying.1.

Use a Power Bag or Battery Holder for your phone to prevent your battery from being damaged.

This will help keep your phone from going over its maximum battery capacity.

This can be a great idea if you have multiple phones that you don’t want to lose. 


Replace the battery in your phone with a replacement that is certified to work with the iPhone 7. 


Try charging your iPhone with a different charger.

It’s easy to replace the battery if you don�t have one, but you might need to charge your iPhone on the go and have the charger that works best for you.


If your battery is damaged, replace it with a higher-capacity battery.

There are many different battery models, but there are several different types of lithium ion batteries.

This is one of the most popular batteries for smartphones.


Get a repair plan from your iPhone and make sure it covers everything that can go wrong.


Buy an iPhone battery case.

You can get one for $30.


Don’t let your iPhone die on you.

Your phone should only last for a couple of days at most before you need to replace your battery.

And if you do need to get it replaced, there are plenty of ways to keep it running.

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