Which Black Sex Videos Are Actually Racist?

A recent article from Bleacher Reports, entitled “Real Sex Video, Naked Girls, Black Sex Video…

What Are They All About?” has brought to light a new segment of content from the popular adult video site Pornhub, featuring videos from black women in sexually explicit poses.

This new segment has been dubbed the “Black Porno”, and was created by Pornhub’s black content team, who also include artists like Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani.

Pornhub also included videos from some of the most famous black performers, including Gwynedaddy and Jada Pinkett Smith, as well as the Black Panther.

The “Black porno” has been viewed more than 6 million times.

The Black Porno is a new subcategory of the Pornhub “Black” category, which is created specifically for the purpose of featuring videos featuring black performers.

In an interview with Bustle, Pornhub director of content and development Mike Ditman said, “The ‘Black Pornos’ are very diverse in content and content creators have made them available in an effort to help people see black performers and their stories in a new light.”

According to Ditmans website, the “black porno”, or black content, is made up of video content from artists and performers of color who are not white, male, or gay.

According to Pornhub itself, the content includes videos from “all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, and ages,” including videos of women and girls performing oral sex, anal sex, bondage, gangbang, and “black fetishism.”

As Pornhub explains, “these videos feature Black performers and/or performers of all races, races, and ethnicities.”

The site also has several videos featuring African-American performers, like the “Naked Girlfriend” and “Black Girls Gone Wild”.

According to the site, these videos feature “some of the hottest Black performers on the Internet.”

The videos are called “Black XXX,” and are produced by porn artists and producers who have black names.

These performers include Gwynet, Jada, and Jazmine Sullivan, as you can see in the list below.

These videos have been viewed at least 6 million and counting, with over 3 million views on Pornhub.

However, the site says they’re only available to members of the Black community.

The videos feature actors and performers from all backgrounds, including “a diverse range of Black women and men” and, as of yet, the creators of the videos are not commenting on the content of the content.

In a video shared by PornHub’s black porn team, one of the creators, Jazmii Smith, talks about the purpose behind the “Blacks Porno”.

“As Black performers, we’re doing this for all of the people that need us,” Smith says in the video.

“And the people we’re performing for, they want us to be a part of their stories and to be their voices and be a representation of Black culture.”

In a response to the article, PornHub said that they had not had the time to review the videos.

“We did not create this content,” a spokesperson told Bustle.

“It was created in partnership with Black content creators and their fans.

We would never make any attempt to hide our content or our identity, so we couldn’t comment on it.”

However, a spokesperson for the website’s parent company Viacom said that the videos were produced by “professional pornographers.”

Viacam spokesperson Stephanie Gaddis said, Porn Hub has a “great track record of creating content that is inclusive of diverse audiences and includes diverse perspectives.”

“We look forward to engaging with Pornhub in the future as we build out our platform,” she said.

PornHub declined to comment further.

Bustle contacted the creators and creators of Pornhub Black, and requested an interview.

They did not immediately respond.

This is not the first time that porn has been targeted for censorship.

Earlier this year, a Black porn video was removed from Pornhub because it was deemed to be racist.

In 2017, a video by actress Alyssa Milano, called “Crazy Alyssas”, was removed by Porn Hub after being flagged as “offensive,” “offensively stereotypical,” and “racist,” according to a report by the Huffington Post.

Milano is the first openly Black woman to be nominated for an Academy Award.

“This was my first Academy Award nomination and I feel so lucky to have been nominated,” Milano told HuffPost.

“I feel so blessed to have this platform, because this is where I can show that I can make my voice heard.”

Milano’s mother, Mandy Milano-Cain, said in a statement to HuffPost that the “Craziest Alysss” video was pulled because of its “offensive language, and the way it depicted black women’s sexuality.”

Milani, who

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