I love this: My new favorite meme is this one of Trump’s supporters at a rally

Download video source BuzzFeed title This is the most ridiculous Trump meme I’ve ever seen: The one where Trump supporters were shouting “You will not replace us” in front of a giant banner with a picture of Hillary Clinton and a quote from her.

I’ve been watching this meme for months now and I’m still shocked every time I see it.

I’m not kidding when I say I’m beyond shocked at how many times I’ve seen this meme.

Here’s the quote: “The truth is you will not change us.

The truth is we will not become more liberal.

The facts are, you will never change us.”

I know this quote is probably controversial and I don’t know anyone who believes it.

But it’s really hard not to love it.

There’s something about Trump’s slogan that makes it so much easier to believe that he’s saying that the only thing he’s going to change is himself.

But there’s also something about this slogan that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Here are some other Trump quotes: “It is time to take our country back.”

“Our people are suffering because we have taken our country away.”

“We have forgotten the values of this great nation.”

“You know what?

We will never give up.”

And “If I don, I’ll be gone in a few months.

I will be gone.

I won’t be back.”

All of these quotes are about the United States of America being taken away from people who have made a career of fighting for their rights.

And yet, I’ve always believed that the most powerful people in the world are the people who say these things.

The best thing that Trump can do for us is tell the truth.

Trump can tell the American people what he knows.

He can tell them what he truly believes.

He’s the only candidate who can do that.

But I think that the biggest reason that Trump has never given up on this campaign is because he knows the truth about what he wants to achieve.

He knows that he can win the presidency without changing much about America.

The biggest difference between Trump and his Republican opponents is that Trump wants to change the country for the better, not for the worst.

But, he’s not going to do that if he has to make up for his failure to inspire the American electorate.

What’s most striking about Trump is that the more he tries to inspire us with his promises, the more we want to vote for him.

It seems that we’re ready to vote Republican no matter what, and we are ready to see this candidate be the President of the United Sates.

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